Classes & Workshops

Internet Marketing for Artists and Photographers
This workshop provides the working artist or photographer with a valuable overview and practical examples of best practices for selling artwork and photography on the Internet.
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Fundamentals of Digital Photography
 Learn the basic principles for all good photography and how to use your digital camera settings. Excellent for beginners or those who want to improve their photographic skills.

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From Ordinary Photo to Work of Art
Learn how to turn your photos into masterpieces. Includes intro to using the computer to manage, manipulate, and enhance images, choosing the right hardware and software, artistic tools and applications. Learn advanced techniques such as creative composition, lighting, multiple exposures, creating panoramas, creative black & white, professional printing methods, paper & ink choices, matting & framing your work, and much more. We will also present some essential business and marketing concepts for those who might be interested in turning their photographic skills into a money-making business.
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Shoot Like a Pro: Beyond the Basics
Now that you’ve grasped the fundamental principles of digital photography, learn how to apply them to create better, more creative photographs. Learn what pro’s do to create excellent, saleable images. Learn to use techniques for shooting people, products, sports, landscapes, travel, weddings, and other subjects. Learn the use of advanced camera settings, exposure compensation, flash vs available light, external flash vs built-in flash, depth of field/selective focus, stop motion/sports photography, composition, using the right lens, and other advanced methods. Next dates and times to be announced. For a complete class description click here.

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