Creative Photo Transformations

Have a photograph that just doesn’t do what you want it to do or didn’t turn out the way you planned?

We can transform just about any photo into a “Masterpiece”.

With extensive experience in Adobe Photoshop and other imaging software we can enhance your business photos or your vacation pictures.

Here are just a few of the typical enhancements we do –

* Remove an object from a picture (for example: a tree, a car, or a machine that shouldn’t be there)
* Add a new background (for example: replace a gray sky with a bright blue one)
* Bring an object from one photo into another (for example: an employee who wasn’t there on the day of the group photo)
* Add luster and brilliance to an underexposed and drab photo (for example: bad lighting)

There’s a lot more we do to enhance photos, but you get the idea.

Give us a call to discuss your problem photos.

*** Please note that we can only work on photos that you own or have legitimate legal rights to manipulate.

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