About Ted

Photography is a passion that just won’t go away…

After many long years as a professional commercial, wedding, portrait, travel photographer, then as an art gallery owner and custom picture framer, it has all morphed into the digital photography world, with its endless opportunities for new kinds of creativity. So now I work on two tracks: first, culling decades of negatives and transparencies made across the US and Europe into “restrospective” fine art print collections. Second, creating new images in the digital world and using every new creative technique available.

Ted in the fieldMy archives are filled with a variety of work, both in subject matter and medium. Nature, landscape, editorial, urban culture, European landscapes, cities, and even the usual tourist traps – in formats ranging from 4×5 negatives to medium format negatives to 35mm negatives and transparencies.Today, though, I work exclusively with Nikon DSLR’s and process primarily in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom, and print with Epson large format professional printers. My subject matter is still varied, but today I am doing more landscape photography and scenic photography – creating both color prints and black & white prints. I try to capture – or create – the mood or impression that I experience about a subject. That may mean an image doesn’t necessarily appear exactly the way a photograph is traditionally supposed to look. I am open to using whatever creative imaging tools that are available, in order to achieve the end goal.

At the end of the day, if I can convey something of the truth and beauty that I believe lies beneath the surface of everything the world presents to us, then I will have succeeded. And that success will be even more worthwhile if another person experiences something strong enough to want that image on their wall. I welcome and encourage any comments or questions, positive or negative, you might be willing to share – either about my work or any aspect of photography. Thanks for visiting. Ted